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Cody Parkey: 'I Know I Still Look Like I'm 17'

By Joseph Santoliquito

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)— He still gets carded. It's a trend that's followed Cody Parkey, 22, all the way from Auburn, Alabama to Philadelphia. Local restaurants don't know his face yet, but they may if Parkey nails a few clutch field goals and anchors a position that still carries a dubious cloud into the Eagles' season.

Parkey's two 50-plus yard field goals in the Eagles' last preseason game against the New York Jets displaced three-year veteran Alex Henery and won him a place on the 53-man roster.

But you still have a sense that Parkey is still interviewing for the job. Chip Kelly's tolerance will be pushed if Parkey misses a few field goal attempts against Jacksonville this Sunday in the Eagles' season opener.

But Parkey isn't thinking about that.

"I don't think anything changes from last Thursday to this Sunday," Parkey said. "It's the same kicks. I think once you start putting more pressure on yourself, that's when guys start to fall down. You have to treat every game kind of the same, so you don't get too high or too low. Just stay consistent throughout the season."

Parkey said his ability to blot out pressure comes from kicking since he was in the sixth grade, throughout high school and all the way up to kicking for Auburn before 90,000 screaming Eagle fans.

"Playing in front of 90,000 at Auburn helped me a good bit," said the baby-faced Parkey. "I know I still look like I'm 17, which is pretty standard everywhere I go, so I still do get carded here in Philly. I don't name drop or anything like that, but if they ask me for my ID I just give it to them. I don't fight it because I know I only look like I'm 17 or 18. I guess when I'm 40, I'll look like I'm 25."

In the meantime, Parkey's counting on being reliable, so he doesn't age Chip Kelly.


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