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Climate Change Dominates Millennial Vote Event In Center City

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Studies show an overwhelming number of millennials believe climate change is having a negative affect on the Earth, and that was the topic of conversation at a get out the vote event in Center City.

Bartenders at Bru filled glasses of free beer while visitors sipped and discussed the issues that matter to them. The #WhyWeVote event moderated by BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith touched on a few subjects, but climate change was on top of the agenda.

Ben Wessel is the Millennial Vote Director at NextGen Climate and he says progress starts at polling places.

"We need to remind young people who voting is one part of social change," Wessel said. "You need to be a protester. You need to be a volunteer, and you need to be a voter to see the change that you want in the world."

One of the millennials at the event was Daniel Doubet, a Bernie Sanders delegate from Erie, Pennsylvania.

"I like that they're reaching out to people from my generation and cutting through all of the noise and nonsense that's out there to get people to vote," Doubet said.

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