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Cleaning Up At CES In Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (CBS) -- Making cleaning less of a chore: that's the goal of some devices unveiled this week at CES in Las Vegas.

Ten minutes and a half-gallon of water is all it takes for the Heatworks Tetra to do the dishes.

The counter-top device needs no plumbing hookup. It's modular: it holds two place settings at a time, or you can use inserts to convert the entire thing to, say, wash wine glasses.

The Tetra also can be used to 'dirty' your tableware with dinner: it can cook food sous vide.


Draw yourself a bath in Toto's Floating Tub. CNET's Megan Wollerton says it mimics zero gravity.

"Basically the feeling of floating in space. It has integrated jets that are designed to buoy your feet into the air to make it feel like you're actually floating," she explained.

With the built-in pillow that directs water flow around your neck, you can relax about the $19,000 price tag.


The Quartz water bottle bathes itself: it uses a UV-C light in its cap to purify the half-liter of water and the stainless steel vessel that holds it.

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