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City Expanding Efforts To Embarrass Deadbeats

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The city of Philadelphia is expanding its effort to embarrass deadbeats.

The city has been listing tax delinquents on its website for the last few years, focusing on those who owe the most business taxes. Now that is expanding the site to include those who owe the city-owned Water department and PGW.

Revenue Commissioner Keith Richardson says, "We're hoping to start publicizing water and sewer accounts that are delinquent with the city, and also working with the Philadelphia Gas Works to start posting their delinquent gas customers, so that people will be well aware of those individuals who may have liabilities with the Gas Works as well."

They'll be posted soon at the city's website  Richardson hopes that residents who see business names on the deadbeat list will stop patronizing those firms.

Reported by KYW City Hall Bureau Chief Mike Dunn

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