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City Hall: Haircuts 4 The Homeless Can Return

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A West Philadelphia barber who ran into a snag with Philadelphia City Hall over outdoor haircuts for the homeless can return, the city confirmed Tuesday.

Brennon Jones sets up a makeshift barber shop on local streets, sometimes on traffic islands. He calls it Haircuts 4 The Homeless.

"It's spreading love and giving these guys hope," Jones told CBS3's Ukee Washington this winter.

Jones estimates since he started, he has given 500 haircuts in multiple states, and people like Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney have stopped by for selfies.

Last week, Philadelphia City Hall told him to stop the haircuts while they figured out issues like safety, vendor licenses and health codes.

Jones said cutting hair outside is the point, so he can reach the homeless who aren't in shelters.

After talking to Jones, CBS3 reached out to Kenney. He promised to check into it.

"I think sometimes common sense and decency should overcome strict adherence to every single rule," Kenney said last week.

On Tuesday, the city said Jones can keep giving haircuts in public.

"I can confirm that we've reached an agreement that will allow him to continue to cut hair in a public place," said spokesperson Lauren Hitt in an email. "We just ask that he keep the area tidy."

Jones says he can set up on the sidewalk outside City Hall.

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