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City Councilmember, Health Department Addressing 'Ridiculously Unacceptable' Rat Infestation In North Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Dozens of rats everywhere. CBS3 exposed a big rat infestation problem in one neighborhood Monday night after a block captain in North Philadelphia reached out to Eyewitness News for help. Our report is now getting action for worried families and businesses.

"No one should be living like this in the city of Philadelphia," City Councilmember Cindy Bass said.

Rats are roaming the streets near the 3600 block of Germantown Avenue.

Block captain Yolanda Murray says they are spilling over from a vacant lot into homes and businesses, and the infestation is getting out of hand.

She says she reached out to the city and was told six months to clean this up. Bass says that's not good enough.

"Totally unacceptable, absolutely unacceptable, ridiculously unacceptable. Are you out of your mind that you are asking me to live with rats for six months? How disgusting is that? How disturbing is that? That's a health issue," Bass said.

Eyewitness News also spotted the rats and reached out to the Health Department. They say they are working on the issue right away.

In fact, they showed up at the lot one day later and say they are working to get access to it because it is private property. They expect to start the process of cleaning up Wednesday.

"This is not just a show up and note the problem and we are done," a spokesperson said.

Bass says she wants Germantown Avenue residents and business owners to know they are not alone when it comes to fixing this.

"We are going to fight for you, we are going to fight the administration, with anyone who says you have to live like this for six months. This is totally unacceptable," Bass said.

Residents say they are happy they are finally getting answers to their rat problem.

"I thought CBS3 made a mountain move," Singa said.

Deejay Da Singa is relieved help is on the way.

He says he never thought anyone cared about the dozens of rats running around on the 3600 block of Germantown Avenue until now.

"I felt like they was just gonna leave us. Like no one cared, it didn't matter," he said.

"At least we seen somebody come out. People have to see what we are going through. We are not over-exaggerating. There's really 50 to 70 rats all at one time and they are multiplying and you caught it on camera, which was perfect," Singa said.

Neighbors are happy to see some action being done and are grateful for the help that's expected Wednesday.

"You guys are going to make it more safe so people can come get sharp haircuts," Singa said.

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