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City Council To Examine "Pill Mills" In The City

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia City Council is going to take a look at reigning in so-called "Pill Mills," which are medical offices that are quick to hand out boatloads of prescription medications.

Pills mills are offices of corrupt physicians who dole out prescriptions and pills to people addicted to painkillers, or people who plan to re-sell the meds.

First District Councilman Mark Squilla says his office has received a few complaints from constituents about doctors' offices where the illicit activity is evident.

"A lot of these doctors' office had armed guards, cash operations, people going in out. People who were frequently these doctors offices were standing outside, selling paraphernalia."

Squilla has now introduced a bill that could give the city a stronger hammer to shut down pill mills.

"L&I will combine with Health (Department) to allow them to either pull their business license, or cease their operation, when deemed to be running a pill mill."

These efforts would be in conjunction with law enforcement prosecution efforts:

"We know it's an epidemic proportion, and we need to really do something before it spreads," said Squilla.

His measure will be debated in committee.

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