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Churches Damaged After Rocks, Bricks Throw In Cinnaminson, Police Say

CINNAMINSON, N.J. (CBS)—Police in Cinnaminson are searching for at least one suspect who was caught on video throwing a rock through the front door of a church over the weekend.

Video captures a man winding up multiple times and chucking objects toward the church.

Police say it happened on May 7 around 3 a.m. at the St. Charles Church located at 2500 Branch Pike.

The suspect is described as a man with a beard and long brown hair pulled into a bun.

Cinnaminson police also say the New Apostolic Church was damaged on May 7 when a suspect reportedly threw a brick through a window of the church causing damage to a pew inside.

It's unknown if both incidents are connected.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Cinnaminson Police at 856-829-6667 x 2061.

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