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Christie Whitman Defends Comparing Trump to Hitler and Mussolini

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --  Former New Jersey Governor Christie Whitman compared the language used by Donald Trump to that of Hitler and Mussolini in a recent column for Politico. She also called on fellow Republicans to reject what she called hateful and fearful language moving forward in the campaign for President.

Discussing the piece with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Whitman said allowing Trump's rhetoric to go unchallenged could have damaging consequences down the line.

"I'm just very, very concerned about the language. It's not so much the positions. I don't hate on Donald Trump, but I do think the way he is using the language, the way he is appealing to people is dangerous in the long run and can cause those who feel embattled, who are worried about their future, understandably worried, to act out, and to think that it's okay to go after people because they look different than them or because they don't worship in the same way."

She continued to criticize Trump, and fellow presidential candidate Ted Cruz, stating their message does not present Republicans as open and thoughtful leaders.

"It's not that they are Mussolini's or Hitler's, but the kind of language that Hitler and Mussolini used on scaring people, on saying there are certain people that are the cause of your problems and where you need to go. That is what then incites people and that's what is, I think, not what we are as a party. We are a party of inclusiveness. We always have been. We are party that allows people to have difference of opinions, but they're not the enemy. We're portraying everybody as the enemy and when you have somebody like Trump saying, well, we've got to stop all Muslims, that's alright, that's his opinion, he can have it. But, on the other hand, what I guess it comes down to, I don't want the toughest person, I want the smartest person."

Despite her criticism of the current frontrunners in the race, Whitman does like some of the contenders.

"Chris Christie has proven himself to be a leader. I would say that, unfortunately, Jeb Bush has not taken off in the way I'd like to see, but I think he could be a very credible leader. I believe John Kasich could be a credible leader. I think Marco Rubio. I like how he approaches issues. I wished he'd have run for Governor, so he'd have had a little bit more executive experience."


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