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Chris Stigall On Taj Mahal Closing: Jobs Only Come With Profit

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - On Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Chris Stigall reacted to news that the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City would close after Labor Day as union protesters continued to demonstrate outside after almost a month on strike, saying it is not the responsibility of the casino to provide employment to workers.


"This is what drives me crazy about people. They think business exists to give them a job. Business does not exist to give you a job. Business exists to be profitable. Then, once that business is profitable, ideally, ultimately, you end up getting a job. And if you happen to make yourself a vital resource into that business' profitability, you're targeted as such by that person that owns that business and says, we need you, what you're doing is helping me be profitable. I'd like to compensate you for those efforts."

He stated business will only expand and pay more employees when they are more profitable.

"This is a microcosm of what's going on in the country. This attitude that I'm owed a job, where I work owes me something. No, where you work pays you money to do a job they need you to do. But, if it's not working out, if the business is not doing well or trying to recover, you can't expect everything to be the way it was when things were rosy. I feel like that is just common sense, adult thinking, but I am always stunned at the number of people that do not grasp that. They think places like the Taj Mahal exist exclusively to give them a job, and they just don't."

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