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Chris Stigall Expresses His Disappointment In Debt Ceiling Bill

By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Chris Stigall voiced his outrage with Republicans who joined the Democrats to send a "clean" bill raising the debt ceiling to the Senate this morning on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

He singled out the Republican Congressman from our region, specifically Mike Fitzpatrick from Bucks County, Pat Meehan from Delaware County, and John Runyan from Burlington and Ocean Counties, that accounted for a large portion of the votes needed to go along with Speaker John Boehner's plan that extracted no concessions from the President.

"When you call it a 'clean' debt ceiling raise that means no stain of responsibility, for continuing to borrow and spend with absolutely no accountability whatsoever," Stigall stated.

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"The news reports all over the country were noting where the yes votes came yesterday," he said referencing Republicans in the Delaware Valley, "Democrats were tweeting out their thanks to the bold 28. Runyan, Meehan, and yes Fitzpatrick."

"Most Americans understand that when you spend more money than you take in, that's a problem. Most Americans understand that if you're going to borrow to cover certain expenses, you should start looking at where to cut your expenses rather than continue to borrow. I think most sensible voters understand that," he proclaimed in opposition to the bill that does not offset the debt increase with reductions in government spending from other areas.

Lastly, Stigall did point out Congressman Jim Gerlach, from Pennsylvania's sixth district and who also has decided to not seek re-election later this year, praising his decision to break with his local Republican delegation and vote against the bill.

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