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Eagles Fan Files Petition To Ban Cris Collinsworth From Eagles Games

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Eagles fans were not happy with NFL NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth during the Super Bowl broadcast.

One Eagles fan created a petition to ban Collinsworth from ever commentating on an Eagles game again. While this is highly unlikely, over 30,000 people have signed it.

Eagles defensive lineman Chris Long was also unhappy with Collinsworth after watching the replay of the game.

On two close calls -- both ruled touchdowns by the Eagles -- Collinsworth seemed confident both were incomplete.

On Zach Ertz's 11-yard touchdown with 2:22 left in the game, Collinsworth was also confused. "I don't know. That ball comes loose," said Collinsworth on Ertz's touchdown. "I'm not even taking a guess."

Eventually, Collinsworth said, "I think they have to overturn it."

After a long review, the ruling was confirmed and it was a touchdown.

"Immediately Chris Long knew he was in trouble," Collinsworth said on the Brady drop.

On Corey Clement's 22-yard touchdown in the back of the end zone, Collinsworth said, "I'm stunned" when the ruling on the field (a touchdown) was upheld. "I give up. I give up. If that ball is not loose in his arms when that last football came down, I give up," said Collinsworth.

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