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Chris Christie Picks Bon Jovi Over Springsteen

By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Governor Chris Christie claims to have attended over 130 Bruce Springsteen concerts. His favorite song of all time is "Thunder Road." His love for The Boss has been ubiquitous and unquestioned.

That's why this is shocking.

During an interview with Talk Radio Host Laura Ingraham's LifeZette site, Christie and his wife Mary Pat were asked to play a game called "This Or That." It is there that the couple was asked, "Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen?"

"That's hard" said Mary Pat, "Their music or their person?"

And then it happens.

First it's Mary Pat who answers, "Bon Jovi".

Oh wow! This is going to cause problems at home. How could she betray her husband like that? In such an important point in his political career, you would think a more united front would be presented. Can he still win the Republican nomination being recently divorced?

But before any of these questions can even be processed, Chris Christie looks straight ahead, and answers for himself without hesitation.

"Bon Jovi."

What the what?

Chris Christie just picked Bon Jovi over Bruce Springsteen. What treachery. How is this possible?

Up until this moment, nobody would believe that Chris Christie would pick anything over Bruce Springsteen. Not musicians, not sandwiches, not even family members. But here it is, on video, on the internet, and that's forever.

Christie is currently running a presidential campaign which uses several Bon Jovi songs during his rallies. They have been approved and signed off on by Bon Jovi, despite his support for Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Jon Bon Jovi is an amazing musician. New Jersey is rightly proud to call him their own, and his charitable works help many in the area every day. However, Chris Christie loves Bruce Springsteen.

Now nothing makes sense. Like a New Jersey Governor that's a Cowboys fan.

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