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NJ Governor Chris Christie Is A Cowboys Fan

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Dallas Cowboys have a lot of fans across the country, perhaps more than any other NFL team. If Chris Christie ever decides to run for president, he'd better hope they make up for some of the lost votes he may now have in the tri-state area.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a Cowboys fan.

Angelo Cataldi and Ed Rendell talk about Christie:

Cataldi and Rendell Talk Christie

Christie was asked by a student at Samsel Upper Elementary School in Parlin, New Jersey who is favorite baseball, basketball and football teams are. He went with the more obvious choices first.

"My favorite basketball team, is the New York Knicks," Christie said. "Which has been a bit of a frustrating enterprise, but the last couple of years they've had good seasons. They've had some fun games to watch."

"My favorite baseball team, is the New York Mets. These are probably Yankee fans, right? That are booing? Here's what I don't understand about Yankee fans, the Mets stink. We're awful. And the Yankees are usually really good. So why do you boo us? You should feel badly for us," he said.

Then he let loose with the bad news, to a chorus of gasps and a few cheers.

"The last answer, is a thing that gets all of my political advisors nervous," he said. "So get ready for a nervous moment, for them. They're going to get nervous now. Because my favorite football team is not the New York Giants. It's not the New York Jets. And it's not the Philadelphia Eagles. Get ready now. My favorite football team, are the Dallas Cowboys. Which, by the way, is not the smartest thing for the governor of New Jersey to want to be is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. When I was your age, I was a big fan of Roger Staubach, who was the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys back then, and the Giants and the Jets pretty much stunk when I was a kid."

The time-honored "I liked them when I was a kid," excuse. As if doing something when you were a kid is an excuse for doing it as an adult.

We grow up and learn. We gain wisdom. We right our wrongs. Being a bandwagon Cowboys fan is wrong.

Governor Christie: This Answer Always Makes My Political Advisors Nervous by GovChristie on YouTube

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