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Chris Christie: 'Eagles Fans Generally Angry, Awful People'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Chris Christie is back at it.

The New Jersey Governor has never been shy about expressing his fandom for the Dallas Cowboys and while co-hosting with former WIP employee Craig Carton on WFAN's Boomer And Carton Show, Christie ripped Eagles fans.

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"I understand why people are interested if you are a public figure, as to who you root for," Christie said on WFAN on Wednesday. "They're interested. But the hostility, I will tell you that I take for being a Cowboys fan -- and this is what I say to Giants fans all the time, and Eagles fans. Now Eagles fans I understand it from a little more because the Eagles do suck and they've sucked for a long time. And their fans are generally angry, awful people."

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"I agree," Carton responded.

Christie told the 94WIP Morning Show in 2014 that Eagles fans were yelling "unspeakable things at me," when Christie attended a Cowboys-Eagles game in Jerry Jones' box at Lincoln Financial Field.

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"If they want to take some anger out at me, I'm all—I have no problem with it at all," Christie said of Eagles fans on 94WIP in 2014. "They're passionate, wild fans and they wanna get angry with me, that's OK. But the one thing they can't say, is that I don't tell them the truth. And the truth is, I'm a Cowboys fan. I've said it since I've ran for Governor in '09, never hid it from anybody, and so, I don't understand why they're angry about me being happy about my team winning?"

Christie's Cowboys were eliminated by the Packers in last weekend's divisional playoff round.

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