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CHOP Connects With International Community On Pediatric Brain Tumor Research

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are working with hospitals around the world on research to come up with treatments for pediatric brain tumors.

Brittaney Shade of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation says her organization is supporting CHOP personnel and have connected them to a bank of research and data through the cloud.

"They're collecting brain tissue samples from all around the world. They're getting banked. So if you're in a hospital in South Dakota, you can still access the same information, the same research, and so it's just about spreading information and letting more people be able to find a cure," said Shade.

Shade says her group is working with CHOP and the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House to raise awareness about childhood cancers and pediatric brain tumors.

"There's over 128 different types of brain tumors. If you compare that to breast cancer, for example, depending on who you're talking to there's five or six types of breast cancer. Think of all the awareness that goes into breast cancer. Tumors for kids - 128 different types," said Shade.

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