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CHOP Gives Patients Chance To Play With Four-Legged Friends

By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia held its third annual Best Friend's Bash Wednesday night, which gave man's favorite furry friend the chance to meet some new people.

All of the dogs and kids at the event have facial differences -- like a cleft lip -- but the night gave them a chance to spend time together and bond.

"Everyone comes together and hangs out and talks about experiences," says Conner, who attended the event for the last three years.

He says it's a great way to meet all kinds of new friends:

"It's nice, because you actually get to be able to have people you can relate to."

Emma is one of the animal friends who came out to play. A tumor forced the golden retriever to have part of her jaw removed.

Her owner, Erin, says she does not look at Emma's facial difference as a setback:

"She is living a normal, happy, healthy life, even though she looks different and I think that's a very very powerful message for the children, the families and the young adults to hear and to see."

The event also gave the kids and the dogs a chance to chow down on plenty of treats.

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