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Choco Taco, Treat Born Nearly 40 Years Ago In Philadelphia, Discontinued

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Say goodbye to the Choco Taco. The ice cream treat born in Philadelphia nearly four decades ago has been discontinued.

What do you know, the announcement came on Monday. The Choco Taco would be no more, and as a result, cue the disappointment.

Almost immediately, hearts melted and stomachs growled when Klondike parent company Unilever announced production of the Philadelphia-born Jack & Jill Ice Cream treat would be no more.

"There was Choco Taco, Two Ball Screwball and then throw in whatever else you kind of felt like at the time," Colin Bradley said.

Bradley, from Delaware County, Zoomed with Eyewitness News about his 13 years of being a Fudgy Wudgy guy in Sea Isle City. He said the Choco Taco was easily one of his bestsellers.

"It's such an iconic name. I think, more than anything, people spend their summers on the beach, they have some of their best memories down there. And it's usually with one of the Fudgy Wudgy guys in the background, shouting Choco Taco," Bradley said.

Of all the supermarkets and convenience stores we visited, we found only a handful left at one sandwich shop in Spring Garden.

And there we were, left to disappoint the masses, even Mike, the Rocky lookalike.

We did end up calling the man who invented the curious dessert, Alan Drazen. He came up with the idea in 1983 while at Jack & Jill Ice Cream.

"I believe it was a little bit of a casualty of all the supply chain issues and all the things that are going on in the food world today," Drazen said.

And while the Choco Taco is melting away from our reality, the company did indicate perhaps a few years from now, there could be a return.

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