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Pool Season In Philadelphia Area Could Take Nosedive Thanks To Looming Chlorine Tablet Shortage

NORTH WALES, Pa. (CBS) -- Many homeowners with pools in the area are now getting ready for the summer season, but some could notice a shortage of chlorine tablets that are meant to keep pools clean.

It feels great to have my feet in this heated pool thanks to a family in North Wales that is starting summer early. The kids here are having a good time.

Others, though, may have some challenges finding chlorine tablets for their pools.

Pool season could take a nosedive for some families, all because of a looming chlorine tablet shortage.

At Leslie's Pool Supplies in Montgomeryville, it's only allowing customers to purchase a limited supply of chlorine tablets. At Aquavita Pools in Delaware County, they've been sold out for days.

"This is by far the most challenging season we've ever had," Aquavita Pools General Manager Bob Holt said. "This is the first time we've ever experienced a shortage of product."

The general manager also says the shortage comes as more people are building pools on their properties because of the pandemic, which, in turn, is creating a higher demand for chlorine.

A fire that destroyed a major manufacturing plant in Louisiana last year is also to blame.

In some areas, the demand is causing prices to jump, but there are some tips to save on chlorine. They include taking a pre-swim shower to reduce bacteria in the water, keep pets out of the pool, and do not panic buy.

"Buy what you need," Swee-Lim Chia, an associate marketing professor at La Salle University, said. "You certainly don't need a year's supply of chlorine tablets."

Still, many pool owners are looking forward to a fun summer.

"The best part is having the kids over and watching all the kids have fun," Dan Williams of North Wales said. "We set up a slide, they're playing basketball in the pool and just seeing the smiles on their faces, that just makes the summer season."

Pool supplies stores also say there are alternatives to chlorine tablets, like liquid chlorine, but so many people prefer their tablets.

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