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Chip Kelly Appears At SportsRadio WIP Wing Bowl 21

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Chip Kelly hasn't won a game yet as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, but he's doing his best to win over fans.

Angelo Cataldi announced it live at 6am, and the crowd went crazy. After 14 years of Cataldi begging for Andy Reid to leave, Chip Kelly would visit him. Chip Kelly would be coming to Wing Bowl.

"This is the greatest moment in Wing Bowl history," Cataldi said. "The head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Chip Kelly!"

Kelly was met with thunderous applause when he was introduced to the crowd at around 7:40am on Friday. The Eagles Fight Song followed, and ended with a huge "E-A-G-L-E-S" chant, probably the loudest we've heard in a long time.

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As Kelly addressed the crowd, many of his words were drowned out by "Chip, Chip, Chip!" chants from around the arena.

Angelo's first question to Kelly: "What is your reaction to being here now in your first major public appearance in our city:

"Wow, just wow," said Kelly. "I wanted to get a feel for what Philadelphia is like -- kind of speechless."

Cataldi's interview with Kelly was short, but it made a point; Kelly wants Philadelphia to know he cares.

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When asked about the passion of this city as a sports town and we Kelly thought about when he took this job – as it relates to the fans:

"I had seen it form a far – when I was at New Hampshire I recruited a lot kids from this area and you know it's evident. You look at this right now, I think it's 8 in the morning of a Friday – it's what makes this place so special," aid Kelly.

Cataldi asked Kelly if he could imagine what it would be like if he won a championship with the Eagles:

"Oh I wanna do it, it I'll tell you that," said Kelly. "I'm a day to day guy, so I'm not making any predictions … we're gonna work hard and we're gonna represent this city like it should be!"

"Would you like to address 20,000 people on this Friday morning and give us something we can hold on to before the next football season?," Cataldi asked.

"Yo Philly!" Kelly screamed. The last words spoken before the National Anthem.

This wasn't the first time Kelly mentioned Wing Bowl.

"I know that the second most important bowl, besides the Super Bowl, which is my goal, is the Wing Bowl," Kelly said in his introductory news conference on January 17th.  "I am not going to participate, but I understand what this city is all about and I'm just glad that I got an opportunity to be here."

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On the following day, Kelly called in to Angelo Cataldi and the WIP Morning Show. "I'm a huge fan! I'm more excited to talk to you Angelo, than anybody in this city," Kelly said. If winning over fans is a priority for Kelly, winning over Cataldi is also somewhere on his list.

Kelly said that winning the Super Bowl would be like "1,000 Wing Bowls." If that's the case, board your windows.

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