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Chip Kelly: 'This Organization Deserves A Playoff Team'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It was one of the most disappointing season's in recent Philadelphia sports history.

Despite countless personnel moves and heightened expectations heading into 2015, the Philadelphia Eagles will finish the season as a losing team -- missing the playoffs for the second straight season under Chip Kelly.

Two days after his team's playoff-eliminating 38-24 point to the Washington Redskins, Kelly was asked if he had a message to make the fans feel even slightly better.

He didn't.

"I don't know if there's a message that you can send that's gonna put a smile back on anybody's face," Kelly admitted to Rickie Ricardo and Jon Johnson on the 94WIP Morning Show. "We're all disappointed in how this season has turned out. We have one more opportunity to go out and play on Sunday and that's what we're gonna do. I mean that's the reality of it. I don't think there's words that can put into place that can say that it's gonna make this feel any better. And it shouldn't feel better. This organization deserves to be a playoff team and we've fallen short of that. We don't make excuses for that we just gotta make it better."

Listen: Chip Kelly on the 94WIP Morning Show


The most pressing offseason decision facing the Eagles comes at the quarterback position. Sam Bradford -- who can elect to test the free-agency waters this offseason -- told reporters he wants to return to Philly for a second season, but has not discussed that with the team yet.

"Yeah that always happens after the season, there's never negotiations with anybody during the season," Kelly said. "We certainly want Sam back and we'll try to do everything we can to get him here."

The 6-9 Eagles will finish up their abysmal season at the New York Giants on Sunday. While the playoffs are no longer a possibility, Kelly says his team will go out and try to win the game.

"Well, I disagree. It does mean something," Kelly said of Sunday's season-finale. "We're gonna keep score and we're gonna go play and we're gonna represent this organization. I know our players will come back tomorrow morning and we'll put a game plan together to go play the Giants. But I think it means something to us and it means something to them. If you show up with that mindset, that it doesn't mean anything, you'll get your butt kicked."

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