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Chip Kelly Credits Angelo Cataldi, 'The Pied Piper Of Positivity'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- All is good in the Chip Kelly, Angelo Cataldi bromance again.

After the two exchanged jabs following the Eagles' blowout loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 11, everything is back to normal thanks to a stunning 35-28 win over the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.

The amusing Cataldi-Kelly relationship started at Wing Bowl 21, continued with a pie delivery system through the Eagles' late-season run in 2013, and was enhanced by their weekly Monday morning phone calls.

After three straight losses, at Kelly's request, Cataldi attempted to provide the Eagles' with some luck and reverted back to his 2013 pie delivery to the NovaCare Complex before Sunday's game vs. the Patriots.

On Monday, Kelly had a new nickname for the 25-year radio host at SportsRadio 94WIP after his team's shocking season-saving victory.

"Well, did you ever see the picture of the guy in Tiananmen Square, where he stood defiantly in front of the tanks?" Kelly asked Cataldi. "Well there was a man in the city, Angelo Cataldi, who did the same thing. He marched up the steps of the NovaCare. I'd like to call him the Pied Piper of positivity. He blocked out all the negativity, he rallied the troops in this city, and he made a statement. He made a statement, he delivered three pies---a cherry, a blueberry, and a pecan---and we won. So I think the credit goes to you."

Listen: Chip Kelly on the 94WIP Morning Show


Kelly even suggested a poll question for Tuesday's 94WIP Morning Show.

"I think that should be the question," Kelly joked. "Are you a very serious radio man or are you a Pied Piper?

"That's a low blow Kelly!" Cataldi said laughing.

While the bromance is back in full force so is the optimism surrounding the Eagles, who would remarkably move into a tie for first place in the NFC East if the Cowboys can beat the Redskins on Monday night.

Kelly, seriously, talked about his team's impressive win in Foxborough.

"It was a real good team effort," Kelly said. "I thought our players did a great job of just playing hard, playing within themselves and playing hard. And we got contributions from a lot of different guys and that's what it takes to beat New England in New England. Their record---I think [Tom] Brady is something like 96-15 at home. They're 40 wins, eight losses coming off a loss. So obviously when you're going against someone as good as Tom, as good a quarterback to have ever play the game. I thought it took a whole team to beat him and our whole team did."

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