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Chester County Ranked 4th Best County In America

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you're looking for a place to live with low rates of unemployment and poverty and plenty of fresh air, you might want to consider nearby Chester County.

Real estate company Movoto has ranked the Philadelphia area county the fourth best in the country, just behind two Virginia counties and a Colorado one.

According to Movoto, the rankings were compiled using 2010 U.S. Census data for unemployment rate, median household income, median rent, median home price, percent of families below the poverty line and high school graduation rate. More than 600 counties across the country were assessed, leading to the top 10.

"While there were no truly standout scores for Chester County, it should be noted that they did not rank outside of the top 60 in any one category," Movoto says on its blog. "More specifically, this county did have the No. 12 ranking for both household income and low poverty. The unemployment rate here was also a very low 6.2 percent."

The article also mentions the abundance of green space Chester County residents have access to. There are three state parks nearby.

Two New Jersey counties also made the list, Somerset (5) and Morris (6). Both are in the northern section of the state.

To read the full rankings, click here.

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