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Chester County Man Kills Neighbors' Dogs For Chasing His Sheep

By Diana Rocco, Jim Melwert

CHESTER SPRINGS, Pa. (CBS) -- A Chester County family is mourning the loss of their two dogs, both shot and killed by a neighbor. But, under a Pennsylvania law, that neighbor won't face charges.

Two-year-old Argus and one-year-old Fiona were Bernese Mountain dogs, a breed similar to Saint Bernards, and natural herding animals.

But when the pair escaped from their Chester Springs yard last week, a neighbor found them chasing his sheep, and shot the two dogs in the head.

Dog owner Bill Bock says the dogs, in his opinion, were no danger to sheep, calling his neighbor's actions, an execution.

"He took it upon himself to as people have said, they use the term, execute our two dogs who were helpless, standing there. My belief also is that they weren't running."

But no charges will be filed against the neighbor, as authorities say, under Pennsylvania law, a property owner can shoot a dog if it's chasing a domesticated animal, like sheep.

The neighbor is declining comment.

The family is hoping this will shine light on that law, working for a change.

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