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Police: Teacher Hospitalized Following Brawl Involving Four High School Students

WYNCOTE, Pa. (CBS) -- Disturbing cellphone video has been released of a fight inside a Montgomery County high school that sent a teacher to the hospital.

The fight was just one of two violent episodes at the Cheltenham High School on Wednesday.

Four female students were arrested following a violent fight that sent a teacher to Abington Medical Center.

Police: Man Injures 4 Officers During Arrest, Leaves One With Concussion

"I saw the girl swing and hit her in the head and that's when she fell on the ground," said freshman D'Andre Nelson.

Students say the fight broke out between two sisters and two friends shortly after class began in the morning.

Cellphone video posted online shows one of the students wildly swinging toward another. A teacher trying to break up the fight is struck in the temple by a student's elbow and then collapses on the ground.

"It seems like she's physically actually hurt," said senior Andrew Crosby. "So I just hope she gets well and things go well for her, but I don't know."

The Cheltenham School District said in a statement, "Earlier this morning, at approximately 7:30 AM, four Cheltenham High School students involved themselves in a physical altercation. The students involved in the incident were immediately removed from our building.

Additional adults have been assigned to the school to monitor internal and external areas and counselors and representatives from our Student Services Department are also present for additional student support.

Cheltenham High School remains safe and calm; classes and our AP testing proceeded as normal, and all after school activities will proceed as regularly scheduled. "

Andrew says fighting in the school is common.

"It's usually the same kids over and over again that are fighting each day," he said.

In fact, Cheltenham police responded to another fight Wednesday afternoon.

A police department lieutenant says it's the second time police were called to the high school today.

"It's like rats and mice and there is always fighting. There is always negative energy," said sophomore Jazire Parker.

Christopher Dean's wife is a teacher aide at the school. He also says the fighting has become a problem at the high school.

"If anyone is going to come away and even imply this is an isolated incident, they're lying to you," said Dean.

"There is a cover-up in this school district regarding how rampant the violence is. There are fights in this school violent fights every single day. Not only does it not surprise me, it maddens me," he continued.

Police are calling it an active investigation. The four students have not yet been charged.

The teacher's condition is not known.

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