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Expert: Checking Partner's Phone May Reveal Personal Insecurities, Relationship Issues

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- When you're in a relationship, you share a lot.

"That's what I look for in a relationship is honesty," said Bonnie Catts of Philadelphia.

What about access to technology? In this digital age, it can get dicey. So, be honest. Have you ever peeked at your partner's phone?

Cell phone snooping made headlines this week when a woman aboard Qatar Airways used her sleeping husband's finger to unlock his device.

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"She clearly thought something was up and wanted to verify it," said Adam Ferrone of Philly.

After finding out he cheated, she flew into a rage, forcing a flight diversion before ultimately being removed. Dramatics aside, did she have the right to look?

"Her instincts were obviously right," said Moses Johnson of London, England.

"I think she was justified," added Ferrone.

"I don't think it's a good idea," said Bill Coffee, a staff therapist at the Council for Relationships. He says she technically betrayed her husband's trust even if, on a smaller scale.

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And while this case was extreme, he cautions all couples against searching for what may or may not be there.

"Couples shouldn't be detectives, they should be partners," Coffee explained.

He says cell phones are like personal space, something we need to respect, even when it belongs to our partner.

Coffee says the key is to communicate with your partner about your suspicions and if they aren't forthcoming, address that issue first. If you're someone who routinely checks your partner's device just to see what they're up to, Coffee believes it reveals a personal insecurity or issue within the relationship.

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