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Charlie Manuel On Why He 'Nicknamed Ryan Howard The Big Piece'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Former Phillies World Championship winning manager Charlie Manuel joined the 94WIP Mike & Ike Show on Thursday to talk about the legacy of Ryan Howard, better known as The Big Piece. 

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"I think about him all those years and a lot of our success, he definitely -- he was part of that success," Manuel said. "A big part and that's why I nicknamed him the 'Big Piece' because I always thought he was a big piece of the team and a big piece of the puzzle because of how he it. But not only that too, Howard was a team player. He always put himself before his team. He always let the people talk about him or the media, or something like that. He never, ever talked about himself really much."

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Thursday, September 29th - Charlie Manuel On The 94WIP Mike & Ike Show


The Big Piece's 13-year career in Philadelphia is expected to come to an end on Sunday, October 2nd against the New York Mets, as Phillies will likely spend $10 to buyout Howard's contract.

Manuel told stories about the three-time all-star and two-time home run champion first baseman, as only Manuel can. This one was about the time Howard fought off a cold to hit a game-tying, and then a game-winning home run.

"I'm talking to some of our guys and we were two outs in the 9th inning, they were up by one run," Manuel said. "I told somebody to go get [Howard]. I said, 'Tell Howard to get down here.' He walks down in the dugout and he's sick and I asked him, 'Can you hit?'

"He wasn't going to tell me no, I knew he wasn't. And he said, 'Chuck I'll hit if you want me to.'

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"He goes up and hits a home run off a left-hander and ties the game up," Manuel continues. "And he comes over to the dugout and I think he thought he was out of the game. And I told him, I said, 'Grab your glove and go to first base.' And he looked at me, like 'Chuck, I'm sick!' But anyway, he grabbed his glove went to first base. In the 12th inning he hits another homer off a left-hander and wins the game for us."

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