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Suspect Wanted For Allegedly Knocking Woman Unconscious On Center City Street Arrested

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- On Thursday, Eyewitness News reported a video of a woman being attacked in Center City, and now police say the suspect is in custody. Police say 37-year-old Charles Holmes has been arrested, and the victim is crediting police and Eyewitness News.

Security video shows a man rushing up to a woman before it appears he punches her in her face. She falls to the ground as he runs away.

It happened at 21st and Walnut Streets in Center City late at night back on Sept. 30.

Within hours of Eyewitness News's story airing Thursday, police say officers recognized the suspect in Center City and have now placed the man into custody.

"I'm just so relieved that they caught the guy," the victim told Eyewitness News on Friday.

The victim doesn't want her face shown out of fear for her safety, but now with her attacker off the street, she's thanking police and Eyewitness News.

"It's definitely a team effort," she said. "I definitely think that you and your colleagues played a tremendously helpful role in this case, to be able to help spread the word."

But the victim also knows she has a long road to recovery after the attack fractured her nose and jaw and even cracked some eye bones.

"It took me about four to five days to be able to open my leery eye and I'm still not able to see very well," she said.

The suspect is expected to be charged with aggravated and simple assault plus related charges.

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