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Chamber Orchestra Of Philadelphia Presents 'Arnold Concerto With Edward Schultz'

By RJ McKay

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia presents "Arnold Flute Concerto With Edward Shultz," on February 28th and 29th.

Principal flutist Edward Schultz gives a preview.

"This particular show is going to be very entertaining. It's very friendly sort of music to listen to. The two flute concerto's, those are for flute and strings are very contrasting but they are also very easy to listen to. The rest of the program will involve music written for strings."

Schultz explains how he got involved in this event.

"I was invited to play a concerto and to submit some possibilities and interestingly enough the Malcolm Arnold concerto that I'm doing was not on my list, but it's not a piece I'd ever done before so it's been a lot of fun to get to know this piece."


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