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Disease-Carrying 'Kissing Bug' Has Made Its Way North, Including Pennsylvania, Delaware, CDC Warns

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The so-called "Kissing Bug" appears to be moving north. Experts call the blood-sucking insect the "Kissing Bug" because it's known to crawl around your mouth and eyes, biting as you sleep.

A map from the CDC shows the orange states where cases have been reported, including Pennsylvania and Delaware.

kissing bug map
Credit: CBS3

The tiny crawler has made its way north, from Central and South America. Doctors say the bugs can spread a disease-carrying parasite in its feces.

"Around the part where the insect has bitten them, they'll accidentally rub in the poop, which has the organism in it, into the wound, and that's how you get chagas disease," infectious disease physician Tom Moore said. "It can destroy the nerves that feed the various parts of your body -- so your heart, your esophagus, your colon."

Health Officials Identify First Case Of Blood-Sucking 'Kissing Bug' In Delaware

Pesticides can be used to keep the bugs away. Experts also advise homeowners to seal windows and keep trash, piles of wood and rocks away from their homes.

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