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Central Bucks School District Under Fire For Allegations Of Discriminating Policies Against LGBTQIA+ Students

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- A Bucks County school district is under fire after students allege unfair policies that discriminate against pro LGBTIQA+ students and faculty.

In a statement posted on Central Bucks School District's website, the superintendent himself acknowledged that "our schools are at the epicenter of the cultural and political divide happening nationally."

Last week, students reached out to Eyewitness News asking to help set the record straight on several key disputes.

Central Bucks Superintendent Abram Lucabaugh defended the actions of his school district against allegations of discrimination against pro-LGBTIQA+ students and faculty.

First, students allege a beloved Lenape Middle School teacher was suspended for helping a student upset over a new policy that prevents teachers from calling students by their preferred gender names. That led to several days of protests, something the ACLU of Pennsylvania tweeted their support for, calling the act "constitutionally protected."

"There's a large population of the school that is LGBTQ and I feel like you can't just ignore their feelings," said Sierra, a 2021 Central Bucks West High School graduate.

In a statement, Lucabaugh said, "the insinuation that our district would single out a teacher and take disciplinary action because the teacher supports LGBTIQA+ students is defamatory."

The superintendent also denied allegations CB West leadership banned the production of the musical "Rent" due to themes of homosexuality, calling it untrue and citing a process approval issue.

Finally, the superintendent confirmed reports that pride flags have been removed from classrooms saying that "while we can agree to disagree on this one, the reason for the decision is that the flags, once thought to be a statement of support, are now a flashpoint for controversy and divisiveness in our school buildings."

"I think if a teacher wants to wave a pride flag in their room, I think that should be fine," Cole, a student, said.

"I think it should be taken down all the way, everywhere. Put the flag up, put the American flag up everywhere, let's do that," one parent said.

"I feel like the board is kind of siding with these parents who are more aggressive," Sierra said.

In his letter, Lucabaugh also says the principal has received death threats as a result of this controversy, stating he wants students to know the district supports them as they seek their place in the world.

The status of the Lenape teacher's employment is still being reviewed.

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