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Center City Launches Shopping Campaign

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia's Center City District is launching a campaign that it hopes will do for retail shopping what restaurant week has done for dining out.

The slogan, "This is In," is meant to evoke both "in fashion" and "in Center City."

It will soon be on billboards and social media to capture shoppers looking for what Center City District Vice President Michelle Shannon calls "experiential retail."

"We have more than consumer goods. We have an authentic and exciting shopping experience that you cannot get anywhere else," she said.

Business Insider estimates some 6400 stores have closed so far this year, nationwide, but the District's president Paul Levy says Center City is doing better than many places with a retail vacancy rate of less than 5%. He believes there's a place for bricks and mortar.

"We're seeing a transition in retail. Those who are providing a really great, exciting experience, who merchandise well, they're doing really well," Levy said.

Ironically, the announcement came on the same day retail-store-killer Amazon announced a search for a new corporate home, and Philadelphia said it would make a bid.

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