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Center City Alleged 'Gay-Bashing' Incident Now In Hands of Philadelphia DA

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Philadelphia Police Department says it has wrapped up its initial investigation into the beating of two men on a center city street nearly two weeks ago and has forwarded the information to the DA's office to make a determination on who should be charged, and for what crimes.

"We concluded our investigation and got the file over to the district attorney's office yesterday," says
Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey.  "They are reviewing it now to determine who, if anyone, should be charged."

Prosecutors will now review the evidence.

The DA's office wasn't commenting.  Sometimes they will ask police for additional information, or to obtain additional evidence.

Surveillance video shows a large group of men and women walking down the street.  Then, police say, someone from the group asked the two men if they were together.  Their answer was "yes" and, authorities say, at least some members of the group attacked the two men, leaving both injured, one seriously.

But defense attorneys hired by some members of the group say it was a two-way confrontation, that words were exchanged.  And, they insist, there is more to the story.

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