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Celtics' Chris Wilcox Gives Kiss-Cam The Finger, Gets Fined 25K

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you've been to a Sixers game, you know the deal with Kiss Cam.

During a timeout, the camera will focus on a couple and put them on the jumbotron until they kiss for everyone to see. It moves from couple, to couple, to couple. It occasionally gets sort of awkward (you know, when you happen to see the guy say "she's my sister!"), but mostly it's harmless.

The tradition is to put two players from the opposing team on the Kiss Cam at the end. The players respond one of a few ways; they get annoyed, they ignore it, they have teammates stand in front of the camera, or sometimes they'll chuckle. Chris Wilcox of the Celtics didn't chuckle.

When he was on the Kiss Cam during Friday night's game at the Wells Fargo Center, Wilcox extended his middle finger to the camera. Boos erupted, the Celtics lost, all was good in the world.

And then the NBA called, and Wilcox was fined $25,000 for the middle finger. Wilcox's teammate Jared Sullinger said that Wilcox wasn't giving the finger to the camera, but it's difficult to figure what else he could have been doing.

Wilcox is making $1.3 million this season, which breaks down to about $15,000 per game, so he played that game for free.


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