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Celebrating Memorial Day In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- When Memorial Day Weekend rolls around, many roll on down to the shore.

"We're going to Ocean City, New Jersey. It's always so festive there," said Kristy Benson of South Philadelphia.

But for those who do not, the city of Philadelphia is a destination of its own.

"I'm not a shore person," said Ned Wimberly of Magnolia, Delaware. "I spend most of my holidays here."

Businesses are ready for the bustle.

"We get a lot of folks who aren't going down the shore. If you're not at the shore, you're coming here," said Dana Canalichio, General Manager of Morgan's Pier.

She says this is one of the busiest weekends of the year.

"We bring in extra food, beer, liquor, supplies just to get through a crazy weekend," she said.

Meantime, Stan Cavacini, who keeps a boat in the nearby marina, is getting ready to hit the water.

"Friday to Monday, it's a party," he said.

And though the holiday weekend, for many, is a relaxing time with family and friends, they are not forgetting the meaning of Memorial Day.

"I lost a lot of friends in Vietnam, so I think we deserve a day," Wimberly said.

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