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CeaseFirePA Offering Lesson On How To Write To Legislators

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The anti-gun violence advocacy group CeaseFirePA is urging people to take advantage of a service they offer that teaches people how to write to lawmakers to let elected officials know about what issues are important to them.

People are often told to write their legislators to let them know how they feel about certain issues, or to let lawmakers know what issues matter most to them. The problem is many people may not know how to go about doing that. Michael Cogbill says CeaseFirePA can help, and will even come to you, especially if the issue at hand is gun violence.

"We'll come to your community, we'll come to a community center, we'll come to your house, we'll come to your school," he said.

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Cogbill stresses the importance of everyone getting involved in politics.

"The consequence for not participating in politics is you end up being governed by your inferiors. If these people can't participate we're not going to have the right legislators, and we're not going to get the right bills passed that protect us," he said. "Anybody can be an issue advocate. You don't have to be like a super star writer to let your legislator know how you feel. Also other legislators that don't belong to the counties that we live in need to hear about the issues that we're having and understand how their votes affect us."

Cogbill says anyone who wants to set up a session can go to the CeaseFirePA website, reach out through social media, or just call them.

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