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CBS3 SummerFest: Namaaaste Goat Yoga Mixes Relaxation, Goats For Ultimate Relaxing Experience

NEWTOWN, Pa (CBS) -- There is a unique class being offered in Newton. And with these workout buddies, it doesn't matter if you're bad at yoga.

It may start out as a normal yoga class on the grass but that is when the instructor brings in goats. It's Namaaaste Goat Yoga at Veterans Park in Newtown.

It's the newest program to hit the area, and is offered every other Saturday for people to join.

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If you never heard of it, it's OK, neither had Newtown Parks and Recreation Program Coordinator Matt Zipin before he received the request for this kind of relaxing offering.

One of the benefits of goat yoga is lowering stress levels because of the interaction with animals.

For more from Newtown's goat yoga, watch the video.

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