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CBS3 Pet Project: What It Means When Your Dog, Cat Gets The 'Zoomies'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Have you ever noticed your dog or cat having the "zoomies" when they race around and go crazy? The actual name for it is frenetic random activity periods or FRAP, in this week's pet project animal advocate Carol Erickson explains what this is.

She says this a normal thing for pets, so why do they do this?

"They do this because it is a stress reliever, it gives them some activity," Erickson said. "Even using the litter box, cats will celebrate a job well done by racing around."

If you have experienced your pet having the "zoomies" you know that it looks like they're having a great time. These can happen after a bath when they wake up and they have a lot of energy.

"They spend a lot of their time alone so if you get an opportunity to help them play more often but if you don't you're going to be finding this," Erickson said.

She also says you may find that the animals are going to be so excited, maybe by seeing you or even waking up and they just need to stretch their muscles.

Also, remember to offer your pet some sort of mental and physical stimulation because most animals are under-exercised and spend a lot of time alone.

Erickson added that if your pet is having the "zoomies" too often even after you increased their activity level, reach out to your vet.

Watch the video to see this week's full segment.

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