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CBS3 Mysteries: 6 Years Later, Rickie Jolene Bowen Morgan's Murder Has Family Wondering If Justice Will Ever Come

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Rickie Jolene Bowen Morgan was named after her father and great uncle. In July 2016, the mother of two was murdered, her body abandoned. Now, her mother is hoping after six long years someone out there will come forward with the answers she needs to bring her daughter justice.

The family of Rickie Jolene Morgan remembers the good times. All the years ago when Rickie showed her little sister how to ride a bike. This photo, weathered and having seen better days, is a cherished memory.

"It's so precious to me of where she's holding on to the back of the bike and the handlebar with her little sister on it, trying to teach her how to ride a bike," Carol Smail, Rickie's mom, said. "It's a memory that just sticks in my mind that they were so close."

CBS3 Mysteries chatted with Smail from the offices of the Philadelphia Anti-Violence Partnership.

Smail lives in suburban Pittsburgh and wonders if Philadelphia police are ever closer to solving Rickie's July 2016 vicious murder.

A mother of two, Rickie had troubles, according to mom. She regularly frequented the Kensington area.

But we're told Rickie was also a ray of sunshine and loved people.

Rickie's body was found near Jasper and Cumberland Streets.

She had been beaten badly with a brick and stabbed in the neck. She was 35 at the time of her murder. That was July 16, 2016.

Heather Arias, a victim's advocate, has worked closely with Rickie's family.

"I promised her, as long as I can, I will always make sure to remember Rickie and whatever we do, we keep her memory alive," Arias said. "And we keep on working on this."

Philadelphia Police confirm their investigation identified a person of interest, but detectives need more evidence to make the case.

The last six years have been very difficult for Smail. She shared with CBS3 Mysteries a recent interaction with her granddaughter. It's something that keeps her on the course for justice for her late daughter.

Smail made this tearful plea to anyone who might have information.

"Please, I beg of you to come forward," she said. "Her daughter just graduated without her mother there. That's hard. Her children, her sister and I need justice."

Philadelphia police can be reached at 215-686-TIPS. There is a reward.

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