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CBS3 Mysteries: Philadelphia Police Looking For Answers In Markeya Green's Murder That 'Absolutely Shocks The Conscience'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- CBS3 Mysteries delves into the case of Markeya Green, a Philadelphia woman whose body was found in a trunk of a car more than a year ago. We are getting new details about her killer who is still on the loose.

"This particular murder absolutely shocks the conscience," Philadelphia Police Capt. Jason Smith said.

On July 21, 2020, a body was found in the trunk of a car on the property of a West Philadelphia towing company.

"It was discovered by a local business owner in the trunk of a Dodge, she had been found deceased in the trunk of the car," Homicide Detective William Kelhower said.

Kelhower says the remains were in an advanced state of decomposition, complicating their case.

"She had been in the trunk for some time and the weather back then was in the mid-90s for several days, so there was a lot of damage to her body," Kelhower said.

She was Markeya Green, a 35-year-old woman from West Philadelphia who fought complications of lupus.

Police uncovered grainy surveillance video from three days earlier showing the killer. Images give police only a part of the license plate.

"On July 18 of 2020, around 4 a.m., video captures a Ford Fusion, the titanium package, their top model for that type of vehicle, that travels and 5000 block of Merion Street, does a u-turn," Kelhower said.

Police say Green then interacted with the man who stands 6-foot-5, weighing about 400 pounds.

"You can see him removing his clothes, her clothes," Kelhower said. "He's moving her around, throws her on the ground, has her on the trunk of a car, and has her on a tow truck over a 45-minute period."

"The offender in this incident physically and sexually assaults Ms. Green during a timespan for approximately 40 to 45 minutes," Smith said.

Smith says they're confident someone knows this man given his stature.

"The perpetrator of this heinous crime is a very dangerous individual who prayed on an incapacitated and vulnerable woman," Smith said. "I've been a police officer for 27 years, we have investigated over 1,000 homicides since I've been here, and this job, I don't know why it haunts me to this day."

Detectives say Green suffered a violent, vicious death.

"It's 95 degrees out during the day, and she's in there for about three days," Kelhower said. "We still don't know if she was alive or dead when she was placed in the trunk."

If you have information regarding Green's homicide, call the Philadelphia police at 215-686-tips.

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