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Caught On Tape: Coast Guard Rescues Fisherman From Cape May Jetty

CAPE MAY, NJ (CBS) – The Coast Guard says it rescued a man from a jetty in Cape May on Wednesday afternoon.

The man was reportedly was pulled from the jetty around 3 p.m. after he was forced into the water by another boat's wake.

Richard Perrotti was fishing near the jetty in his 21-foot boat when a wake caused by a passing boat caused Perrotti's vessel to tilt so heavily that he jumped into the water.

Perrotti then swam to a nearby jetty, when a Good Samaritan contacted the Coast Guard via radio.

Coast Guard officials arrived promptly at the scene and were luckily able to rescue Perrotti, capturing much of the incident on video.

"Boaters need to be mindful of their wake when transiting near other boaters and property," said Petty Officer 3rd Class Diego Sanchez. "Boaters can be held responsible for their wakes. Luckily, Richard was wearing his life jacket and was able to swim to the rocks until Coast Guard arrived on scene to pull him to safety."

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