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Cat Found With Hunting Arrow Lodged In Body In New Jersey

By Todd Quinones

ALLOWAY TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) -- Police in one South Jersey town are searching for the person who shot a cat with a hunting arrow.

The horrific act of animal cruelty happened in Alloway Township, Salem County and the cat's owner is completely distraught.

Mike McQueston was heartbroken when he found his cat "Pinky" Tuesday morning with an arrow sticking right through her body.

The arrow narrowly missed the cat's vital organs by just about an inch.

"I just envisioned that she laid out here all night with this arrow in her," McQueston said as he fought back tears.

McQueston rushed his cat to the Wilwynn Animal Hospital in Bridgeton. The veterinarian at the animal hospital had to cut the arrow in half in order to remove it from Pinky's body.

New Jersey State Police are investigating and trying to track down the person responsible for shooting the arrow into Pinky's body.

McQueston believes the arrow was shot from a crossbow and that it is the kind of arrow with a tip typically used for target practice.

"I just hope we can catch this guy because people in town are just incensed," McQueston said.

Pinky's vet is hopeful she can make a full recovery.

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