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Investigators confident murder of Carol Reiff will have resolution

10 years later, investigators close to solving murder case of Carol Reiff
10 years later, investigators close to solving murder case of Carol Reiff 02:56

GLOUCESTER TOWSNHIP, N.J. (CBS) -- Nearly 10 years of mystery, who murdered Carol Reiff — a beloved mother and friend from Gloucester Township?

Investigators have remained confident the case will soon have a resolution. Gains in forensic technology have been on their side.

Reiff was a mother described by family as a gentle soul who loved to run and be outdoors.

"She was just so kind and gentle," Dawn Centanni said. "It just seems like such a weird fate for her."

Centanni recalls memories of her mom — including her resiliency to keep on running in 5Ks and half marathons after she watched in horror the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing 10 years ago.


"We won't be intimidated," Centanni recalled her mom saying.

But sadly for Reiff, two months after that act of terrorism — she would be dead.

Detectives from Camden County and Gloucester Township took CBS Philadelphia to the location where the 59-year-old woman's remains were discovered: a wooded area off Lower Landing Road — not far from Route 42.

It was June of 2013.

Reiff had been missing for four days. The manner of death — a homicide.

The cause?

"Right now it's listed as undetermined, the conditions of which her body was found, there were some decomposition," Detective Jeremy Jankowski, of the Camden County Prosecutors Office, said. "Anytime there's decomposition, the medical examiner will err on the side of caution and leave it as undetermined, and let the investigation speak for itself."

Since Reiff's killing in 2013, detectives say advances in DNA analysis have helped open new doors in the investigation, specifically equipment that can collect evidence.


Camden County homicide detectives told CBS Philadelphia they have some very good leads.

But they are very interested in hearing from people who may not have previously shared a detail with them.

Even something minor, they want to hear about it.

"I've been assigned to the case for about two years now and since I've been assigned it's been priority number one," Jankowski, said. 

For Centanni, even though it's been 10 years, hope hasn't faded that an arrest can be made.

"It's always been my hope that when they close this, it's going to protect other people from having to suffer through this as a family, and for the loss of life," Centanni said. 

If you have information on the 2013 homicide of Reiff — call the Camden County Prosecutor's Office at 856-580-5950.

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