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Carjacking at Sunoco gas station in Germantown captured on video

Carjacking at Sunoco gas station captured on video
Carjacking at Sunoco gas station captured on video 01:08

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Newly obtained surveillance video captures the frightening moments of a Saturday night carjacking, at a Germantown gas station. The gas station is the Sunoco on Wissahickon Avenue.

You can see the victim walking to his car when four people jump out of a white van in front of it.

One of the suspects leaps onto the hood of the victim's car and points a gun, right at him.

The victim then runs into the gas station.

One of the carjackers drives off in the victim's car, the others leave in the white van. 

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner recently spoke about the rising number of carjackings in the city. 

"One of the sadder landmarks has been the enormous number of carjackings that we've seen, including some that are on video and are especially terrifying frankly and traumatic to anyone involved and probably to awful lot of people who see them. It is one of the worse crises that we face right now," the DA said.

The DA says his office is working with the Philadelphia Police Department and the U.S. Attorney's Office to address these carjacking cases.

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