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Car Ride To Love

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Many use ride-sharing apps to get picked up, but have you ever thought about using one to pick-up someone?

A Philadelphia couple met in an Uber pool ride, leaving the 1500 Spring Garden building, which happens to be the CBS Broadcast Center.  They hit it off and are now making it official. The two plan to get married in 2018. They hope to find the Uber drive who took them for their first ride and invite him to the wedding!

"I think it's awesome," said one woman when she heard the news.

"Can I please get in on that Uber pool?" joked another woman. "Yeah, that' would be amazing. I guess you can meet someone anywhere."

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CBS3 spoke with Ed Spearman, who has been driving for Uber over the past 24 months. He says he's seen plenty of backseat banter.

Spearman recalled an occasion but said the male passenger's attempts didn't work on the female passenger.

Erika Kaplan, a senior matchmaker for says many people can find love in the most unexpected places.

"I actually think ride shares are a great way to meet people no matter what you're looking for," Kaplan said. "People need to just pick up their head and smile at each other."

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