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Car Menorah Parade Rolls Through Philadelphia: 'A Display Of Jewish Pride'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There are many ways to celebrate Hanukkah. Saturday night in Philadelphia was one of the more unique options.

"I've always wanted to sit in a car with a giant Menorah on top of it," says 12-year-old Ethan Parmet.

And he got his wish during the "World's Largest Car Menorah Parade" that rolled from the Art Museum area to Old City on the fifth night of the Festival of Lights.

Each of the 150 cars taking part had a large Menorah strapped to the roof.

"I don't know how to describe it, it's beautiful," Ethan says.

"I have not done very many things like this before," adds 12-year-old Jonah Lynn. "Big atmosphere, it just gives you something to do that's fun."

Both Ethan and Jonah were riding in Rabbi Tzvi Altein's car.

"I brought a group of kids from Broomall to participate in this because it's an experience you don't usually get," Altein says. "It's a display of Jewish pride and spreading the message of Hanukkah."

The "Torah Truck" led the way, blasting Hanukkah songs as both children and adults waived to the onlookers, wishing them a happy Hanukkah.

The parade ended with a Hanukkah Wonderland that featured more music, family activities and the lighting of a massive Menorah, much bigger than the ones on top of the cars.​

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