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Campbell's Teams With Food Bank To Salvage Unused Peaches

By Hadas Kuznits

CAMDEN, Nj. (CBS) -- The Campbell Soup Company is turning New Jersey's leftover peaches into revenue for the state's Food Bank.

Campbell's is partnering with the Food Bank of South Jersey to salvage peaches that New Jersey farmers find unusable.

"About 800,000 pounds of peaches, just in New Jersey, get thrown back in the landfill," says Dave Stangis with the Campbell Soup Company. "The farmers have to pay about $85,000 a year just to throw away that good fruit."

Stangis says his organization is turning the peaches into salsa.

"They've been trying to give that away as fresh food," he says. "But you can only give away so much fresh food. So this was an idea that we really thought about, alright, is there a way we can extend the life of these peaches?"

The Food Bank will sell "Just Peachy" salsa online and in some local stores. They hope to raise about $100,000 for Food Bank programs.

"We're giving them back to the Food Bank," says Stangis. "We're donating things like labels, manufacturing, all the intellectual capability. "We had two chefs that came up with the recipes."

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