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Camden Disrobing Caught On Tape

CAMDEN (CBS) -- On the same day America's second-most dangerous city was preparing to be stripped of nearly half of the police force, stripping of another sort was caught on tape outside the police station.

As reporters were preparing live shots to update the region on the state of the pending layoffs, which took effect today, a woman approached the police station and started to disrobe.

Before entering the station, the unidentified woman discarded all garments from her body. She then opened the door and entered the Camden Police Department. An officer later surfaced to gather her belongings.

At this time it unclear why exactly the woman acted in this manner. Calls to the police department have not been returned.

The offbeat incident caught on tape is just one of the many crimes this beleaguered city, rampant with gun violence, open drug-dealing, prostitution and related crimes, sees on a daily basis.

Tuesday the department was notified services of 163 of the 373 member police force were no longer needed.

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