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Burlington Coat Factory Stays Put In Burlington County

By David Madden

BURLINGTON, Nj. (CBS) -- Burlington Coat Factory's main digs will remain in Burlington County with a little help from the state of New Jersey.

More than 600 people currently work in the company's corporate headquarters in Florence Township…too many for the building.

Fred Hand, Vice President for Operations, says they looked around for a new place to set up shop.

fred hand
(Fred Hand, Vice President for Operations, Burlington Coat Factory) (credit: Burlington Coat Factory)

"This has been a long endeavor for us," Hand says. "We looked at different sites not just in the state of New Jersey, but also in Pennsylvania."

In the end they decided to build a new 180-thousand square foot warehouse on land that Burlington Coat Factory owns right next door.

"It's the best option that could possibly happen for our employees and our company to be able to stay where we're at," adds Hand.

It's a $41-million project that will add 120 new full time jobs.

What turned the tide?

New Jersey's Economic Development Authority approved a $40-million tax break payable over the next decade.

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