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Budget Messaging War: Helping Or Hurting?

By Tony Romeo

Harrisburg, Pa. (CBS) -- A prominent political analyst believes the campaign-style tactics being used on the airwaves and in print during Pennsylvania's two-and-half week old budget stalemate may not only complicate efforts to get a budget done, but it may have consequences that last beyond the current dispute.

Republican Dave Reed, the state House majority leader, admits mailboxes in Pennsylvania are being filled by people on both sides of the budget debate, but he notes the pro-Wolf mailers go to GOP lawmakers, too.

"A lot of the same folks that he's going to want to potentially vote for his final budget proposal."

Reed, who spoke after this past week's only face-to-face budget talks said a rational conversation with lawmakers would be more productive. Franklin and Marshall College political analyst Terry Madonna believes the public messaging war is creating hard feelings.

"Along the way, it's not making for good relationships that have to carry on even beyond the budget." said Madonna.

Madonna believes the level of rhetoric far exceeds anything seen in lengthy budget standoffs during the Rendell years.

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